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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Philippine 海尔赛拉西 G1 sun
Region: Yirgacheffe Philippine areas 海尔赛拉西 treatment plant
Classification: ECX highest level G1
Variety: local native species Heirloom
Flavorsclassic sun style, rich ripe fruit,
mixed berry and peach aroma, cocoa, tobacco, rich warm taste

Ethiopia washed Yirgacheffe Philippine Ke Qier G1
Region: Ke Qier aroma producing snow village map
Classification: ECX highest level G1
Variety: local native species (Heirloom)
Cuisine: rose jasminelemon flavor, bergamot,
honey thick sweet, grapefruit tonality,
meticulous fruit sour taste fresh and bright

Ethiopia washed Yirgacheffe Feimi Schell G2
Region: Indira town m Schell cooperatives
Variety: local native species (Heirloom)
Certification: Fair Tradeorganic, UTZ
Flavorfloral, lemon peel, spices, corn, sweet delicate sense

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Feidumeisuo washing cooperatives G1
Region: 金蕾娜安芭雅 producing small local farmers
Classification: ECX highest level G1
Variety: local native species (Heirloom)
Flavorsubtle floral, jasmine fragrant flavordistinctive lemon,
cantaloupe, citrus notes of lemonwild ginger flower flavor, delicate and juicy

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Philippine sun red cherry plan
Region: Ke Qier Netherlands Trabocca company producing red cherry plan (Operation Cherry Red)
Classificationsun G3
Variety: local native species (Heirloom)
Flavor: Rich strawberry, ripe peaches, papaya, cantaloupe, delicate acid, purple berry flavor

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Philippine sun selected Royal G1
Region: Ji Diou administrative Voca cooperatives
Classificationsun G1
Variety: local native species (Heirloom)
Flavorfloral, melon, blueberries, strawberries biscuit flavor,
texture and clean balance, Earl Grey rhymesupple texture, taste and clean balance

Ethiopia sun Lim
Region: Nicholas Lim areas within the Division Ma team
Classificationsun G3
Variety: local native species (Heirloom)
FlavorComplex and fragrant fir, gentle citrus, plums, syrup, faint aroma of wine

Ethiopia Sidamo sun
Region: Sidamo region Gu Ji cooperatives
Classificationthe highest level of sun G1
Variety: local native species (Heirloom)
Flavorsbutter, vanilla, berry flavorrich aroma of citrus fruits,
deep baking fragrant woodthick chocolate taste

Ethiopia sun Ban its Magee (rare areas)
Region: Geisha House Gesha Estate
Classificationscaffolding sun G3
Variety: iron than cards, geisha
Flavorstrong fermentation incense, spice flavors,
chocolate biscuit finish

Kenya AA + grade BlackBerry selected
Region: Nyeri
Grading: AA +
Variety: K7, SL28
Flavor: ebony acid flu, with grapes, cardamom sweet fruit,
grapefruit aftertaste, acidity clear, sweet feeling fine

Kenya Wildlife Sanctuary AA Top Level
Region: 科契瓦坦伯
Rating: Kenya-style washing AA TOP
Variety: SL28, SL34
Flavorplum and grapefruit bright acid quality,
fruit honey sweet, fresh taste

肯亚欧萨雅 cooperatives AA level
Region: Nyeri - Ka Ruima village Ou Saya cooperatives
Rating: Kenya-style washing AA TOP
Variety: SL-28, SL34
Flavor: ebony acid quality, microstrip floral, white grape juice,
nutmeg, sweet feeling fine, grapefruit finish

肯亚欧萨雅 cooperatives round pearl beans
Region: Nyeri - Ka Ruima village Ou Saya cooperatives
Rating: Kenya-style washing AA TOP
Variety: SL-28, SL34
Flavorblackberryraisin sour tone, lemonade, fresh flavor, cocoa and sweet sense

BURUNDI heart of Africa
Region: Kazha Young Kim UFO provincial town
Rating: No rating
Variety: Bourbon, Jackson.Mibirzi
Flavor: teaorange peelchocolate cream,
nutmeg, raisins, tea taste

Rwanda Lusa Xi pure bourbon
Region: Lusa Xi Anbakenda cooperatives
Variety: Bourbon (Bourbon)
FlavorsAlmond nuts gentle tastenatural grass flavor,
fragrant with sweet fruits
Fair Trade (Fair Trade) Certification

Rwanda Musha Sha Red Bourbon
Region: Musha Sha Governor Kendall kava cooperatives
Variety: Red Bourbon
Rating: No rating
Cuisine: Nuts thick tone cream, sugar sweet, citrus tone,
sweet and sour feeling good, tail section plum flavors

Congo Chib Lake native Bourbon
AreasChib Lake Lugano cooperatives producing dream
Classification: SC16 / 18
Variety: Bourbon native species
Cuisine: grass air with citrus fruit, and chocolate,
malt syrup for fresh sweet taste sense intertwined

Tanzania Kilimanjaro pearls round beans
Region: Kilimanjaro volcano
Classification: Peaberry beans round
Variety: Bourbon series N5, N39
Flavorschocolate cream tone with plum dried fruit
or citrus notes of acid, and a sense of nuts and tea aroma

Jamaica Blue Mountain RSW three Manor
Areas: Blue Mountain RSW three Manor
ClassificationBlue Mountain areas No.1
Variety: Jamaican Blue Mountain
Cuisine: flowers and grass flavornuts and creamy texture,
taste clear, balanced and elegant taste


Hawaii’s Big Island
Variety: iron than the card
Region: Oshima District Kona  according strands Manor
Classification: SC18 +
Cuisine: almonds, can adjustable, cedar,
spice jump smell, rich taste changes

Papua New Guinea Class A preference pearl round beans
Region: Wikipedia valley Qi Maier Manor
Grade: A-level round selected Peaberry beans
Variety: iron than the card, the New World, the Blue MountainsKaddouracard Dili Mount, Arusha, Mundo novo
Flavornuts, sugar cane, sweet tone, slight spice flavor, jumping in creamy smooth texture cream


Sumatra Super Yellow Jinmantening
Region: Lin Dong Province
Classification: SC20 Gold Man Rating
Variety: card Dili Mount, Kaddoura, iron than the card, Sidikalong
Flavor: nuts cream caramel, mild spices, almond,
dark chocolate, taste thick, warm sweet alcohol

Emerald Sumatra Medellin
Region: Aceh local smallholders
Classification: SC19 +
Variety: Kaddoura, iron than the card, the card Dili Mount, Sidikalong
Cuisine: charming fragrant herbs, baked Wheat, nuts,
grass, pine spice, caramel creamy rich taste

Sumatra Blue Lake Medellin
Region: Lake Toba in northern Sumatra Lintong Nihuta, Dolok Sanggul area smallholders
Variety: card Dili Mount, Java Java semi-washed processing
Certification: Fair Trade, organic, UTZ
Flavor: sweet herb, cinnamon spice, orange peel pomelo flavor,
creamy rich chocolate mellow sweetness

Indonesia Sulawesi Tuona Jia Class A preference
Areas: Tana Toraja highlands smallholders
Grade: A class selected
Variety: Djember (S-795)
Flavors: dark chocolate, nuts cane sweet tone mixed gas,
dry longan aroma, smooth taste sweet caramel

India Sulawesi Tuona Jia G1
Region: Tuona Jia plateau Toya can Manor
Classification: G1 semi-washed
Variety: Djember (S-795), iron than the card
Flavor: nuts, sugar cane and sweet, dried longan, dark chocolate,
caramel, sweet syrup-like feeling silky smooth

India Mysore BRIC
Region: Karnataka State 齐科麦加鲁 local smallholders
Classification: Royal MNEB18 ~ 19 mesh
Variety: Kent (S795)
Flavor: roasted nuts, wooden tea sense, caramel syrup,
spices, sticky grease sense, taste rich meek

India’s Malabar AA selected wind stains
Region: Karnataka and Kerala
Classification: AA grade wind stain treatment (monsoonimg)
Variety: Arabica local native
Cuisine: wheat, straw valley incense, roasted nuts, walnut quality,
Nanyang spices, black molasses, accompanied by a strong sense
of taste
oil condensate slippery mouthfeel

Central and South America

Costa Rica west valley Liqiu Manor
Areas: West Valley Manor Liqiu
Classification: European washing extremely hard beans (SHB)
Variety: Vera Sharqi (Villasarchi)
Flavorsweet caramel with grass aroma, mixed with cucumber, raisins and clean flavor, balance

Costa Rica west valley Tono Manor
Areas: West Valley - Orange County Tono Manor
Classification: European washing extremely hard beans (SHB)
Variety: Vera Sharqi (Villasarchi)
Flavorcaramel sweet, cucumber, vegetables, potatoes, spices, tea,
dry aroma, taste mellow and thick, sweet and charming atmosphere

Costa Rica leaves Elsa Valley Western Treatment Plant
Areas: West Valley leaves Elsa treatment plant
Classification: European washing extremely hard beans (SHB)
Variety: iron than the card
Flavor: Bright citrus, grape juice, meticulous Zhen fruit, vanilla, caramel tea sense

Costa Rica Beautiful Plain honey processing
Region: Central Valley plain beautiful manor
Classification: European washing extremely hard beans (SHB)
Variety: KaddouraKadu Yi
Cuisine: walnut, pine, rice, nuts, chocolate

Costa Rica Lajas tanning Pearl Manor Day
Region: Central Valley Manor Lajas
Variety: KaddouraKadu Yi 100% pure sun
Flavorrich berry, tropical fruit flavormint herbsweet honey,
cocoa end rhymeboth sun and rain in Central America, Africa, balanced and clean taste

Tara Costa Rica Santa Monica Manor beads
Appellation: Santa Monica Manor Tara beads areas
Classification: European washing extremely hard beans (SHB)
Variety: KaddouraRicardo Ai
Flavorsweet and sour tone green apple, stone fruit, caramel, fried almonds,
butter, sweet corn and other Jiao Gu Xiangmixed with herbs, spices flavor, taste sweet and smooth

Tara Costa Rica beads cowboy Manor
Region: Tara beads producing Shepherd Manor
Classification: European washing extremely hard beans (SHB)
Variety: KaddouraKadu Yi
Flavorscaramel, melons, vegetables, potatoes,
spices and other dry aroma, taste mellow, syrup-like easy to read

Rui Costa Rica Tara Manor beads Ladai
Region: Tara bead core areas Ladai COE Manor Manor Competition Section 4
Classificationno classification of new dry-washing
Variety: Kadu Yi
Flavorsbutter, nuts Tang Wei, walnuts, sweet cedar tone,
restrained acidity, smooth mouthfeel

Brazil Mo Jaina pure bourbon
Region: Mojiannuo producing coffee company in Europe
Classification: SC16 / SC18
Variety: Bourbon (Bourbon)
Flavornuts, peanut brittle and thick sweet smooth taste, orange peel,
caramelsugar cane and sweet, typical bourbon flavor varieties, clean and sweet

Yellow Bourbon Brazil Mojiannuo
Region: Mojianna producing Queens Manor (2011 Brazilian championship manor COE)
Variety: Yellow Bourbon (Yellow Bourbon)
Flavorscaramel, spice, mild citrus noteslively aciditycreamy taste as almond butter

Brazil Mo Jaina golden sun
Region: Mojiannuo - Sao Paulo
Classification: SC17 / 18
Variety: BourbonKadu YiMengduonuowo
Flavornuts, peanut candy, milk chocolate flavors,
smooth syrup sweettypical Brazilian flavor

巴西卡莫米 NASDAQ sun yellow bourbon
Region: kamo Minas Ka Kenji farm
Classification: SC16 / 18
Variety: Yellow Bourbon
Flavorsweet banana peel, dried orange aroma,
caramel cocoa flavor, acidity and soft, smooth taste

巴西卡莫米 Jonas yellow bourbon
Region: kamo Minas Benedictine farm
Rating: No rating
Variety: Yellow Bourbon
Flavorsmilk chocolate, hazelnut solid thick sweetness,
lemon, mulberry fresh fruit aroma, taste smooth, bright and sweet

Brazilian Black Mountains to peel the sun
Areasthe Meter Jonas Serra Negra farm
Classification: SC16 / 18
Variety: New World, yellow Kadu Yi
Flavorlemon grass, fresh sweet smell of sugar cane, cocoa, nuts taste, clean balance

Colombia Na exquisite pearl round beans
Region: Na exquisite Province
Rating: Round beans (Peaberry)
Variety: Kaddoura, Colombia
Flavorsdark chocolate, lemon peel aroma,
fresh sugarcanecreamy and supple texture

Colombia Cauca hope NACF
Areas: Cauca province Caccia dew hope NACF
Classification: SC17 +
Variety: KaddouraKadu Yi
Cuisine: supple fruit acids, nuts, nuts end rhyme
accompanied by caramel sweetnesschocolate rhyme

Vera Columbia River Plateau Garzon wolf NACF
Region: Vera plateau Garzon Wolf River Agricultural Association
Grading: After washing and sun dried whole without classification
Variety: Kaddoura, Colombia
Flavorsdark chocolate, lemon peelsugar cane sweet,
fresh, sweet and refreshing taste

Columbia Plateau hope Vera Manor
Region: Vera plateau hope manor - Omar smallholder
Classificationno classification whole washing
Variety: Kaddoura, iron than cards, bourbon, Castillo
Flavorsdark chocolate, lemon peelsugar cane sweet, fresh, structured

Peruvian mountain extremely hard beans
Areasthe northern highlands Junin (Junin) areas
Classification: European alpine extremely hard beans washed (SHB)
Variety: iron ratio card (Typica)
Cuisine: berries, nuts, caramel sweetnessbalanced and bright flavors

Panama Vulcan Baru Volcano Valley
Region: Vulcan Valley Manor Carmen
Classification: European washing extremely hard beans (SHB)
Variety: iron ratio card (Typica)
Cuisine: entrance with plum acid quality,
almond calm atmosphere, has a creamy, silky texture

巴拿马巴鲁 volcanic Bo Kuite
Region: Bo Kuite areas - Baru Volcano
Classification: European washing extremely hard beans (SHB)
Variety: geishaKaddoura
Cuisine: high complexity taste, spicy flavors tune, citrus sour,
 chocolate aroma, light acidity, smooth mouthfeel

巴拿马巴鲁 volcano Caesar Louis
Region: Bo Kuite areas - Baru volcano Caesar Louis treatment plant
Classification: European washing extremely hard beans (SHB)
Variety: iron than the card
Flavornuts, pistachiocaramel,
woody aroma baking beatlow-acid solid taste

Guatemala and Antigua Shepherd Manor
Region: Antigua volcano shepherd Manor
Classification: European washing extremely hard beans (SHB)
Variety: Bourbon (Bourbon), Kaddoura (Caturra)
Flavorsweet fruits, nuts butter, syrupalmonds can be adjustable, with a soft finish

Guatemala and Antigua 贝拉卡摩娜 Manor
Region: Antigua volcanic area 贝拉卡摩娜 Manor
Classification: European washing extremely hard beans (SHB)
Variety: BourbonKaddoura
Flavorsvanilla biscuits, sweet spices, caramel,
nuts can be adjustable, lemon peel aroma, acidity introverted, thick texture

Guatemala and Antigua Michel Manor
Region: Antigua volcanic area Michel Manor
Classification: European washing extremely hard beans (SHB)
Variety: BourbonKaddoura
Flavorscaramel, nuts cocoa Tang Wei,
bright aciditysweetness and solid distinctive taste

Guatemala Vicki Putnam Guokedaiqi Manor
Region: Vicki Putnam fruit-producing areas may Dai Qi Manor
Classification: European washing extremely hard beans (SHB)
Variety: KaddouraRicardo AiBourbon
Flavorsmelon, orange citrus fruit, caramel, chocolate and cream sensesoft finish

Guatemala Vicki Putnam fruit Boer Sha Manor
Region: Vicki Putnam fruit producing Boer Sha Manor
Classification: European washing extremely hard beans (SHB)
Variety: KaddouraBourbon
Flavorsweet with a full Bourbon varietyand is rich almond, caramel, toffee sweetness, taste level

Guatemala Vicki Putnam fruit hope manor
Region: Vicki Putnam fruit producing hope runner Manor Manor 2011 COE
Variety: KaddouraKadu YiBourbon, Pacamara
Certification: UTZ
Flavornuts, creamy mouthfeel, caramel, sweet lemon, spices,
flavors and diverse, mellow sweetness

Guatemala 奇马尔特南 fruit Mei Saide Manor
Region: 奇马尔特南 fruit-producing areas - 圣马汀梅赛德 Manor
Classification: European washing extremely hard beans (SHB)
Variety: Bourbon
Flavor: Plant steeped with fresh acid, mixed tobacco,
milk chocolate, toastwalnut and other thick Coke flavor Road

Bolivia Ai cable coffee cooperatives
Areas: Taipiplaya town Esso coffee cooperatives
Classification: European washing extremely hard beans (SHB)
Variety: iron than cards, Kaddoura
Flavorcocoa, nuts tonality, grass, sweet and sour flavors make sense of balance, smooth taste
Certification: Organic and Fair Trade

El Salvador 100% pure bourbon to peel the sun
Region: Salvador and Central Saint Amy Austrian legislation Manor
Classification: European washing extremely hard beans (SHB)
Variety: 100% pure bourbon
Flavorcaramel Zhen fruit sweet, gentle acidity and nuttysweet syrup sense

Honduras 圣塔芭芭拉安 smallholder Friedrichshafen
Appellation: Santa Barbara St. Vincent treatment plant
Variety: Pacas, BourbonKaddouraKadu Yi
Certification: Fair Trade
Flavor: Sweet flowers, orange peel aroma, sweet melon, mint flavor,
caramel milk transferWenshun Qing sweet taste