Dawn Room

Dawn Room. The first membership-based coffee shop in Taiwan, founded by Chen Xiaoming. Dawn Room wants to provide customers a peaceful, elegant place, where they can enjoy coffee, combined with light meals, desserts, as well as books and magazines on display to make your time even more pleasant. The Coffee mind Dawn Room’s founder Chen Xiaoming observed many people in cafés, focussing on the online world, drinking their coffee absently minded like it was water. Submerged in an abstract world, appealing only to our sense of vision. In his coffee shop, he wanted to revive the spirit of coffee house culture, to let every one of us have a real taste of good coffee in a comfortable atmosphere that appeals to all the senses. How to create such a place? In our opinion it is a matter of how people and space interact. A niche space Dawn Room wants the customers to be able to enjoy the space and their coffee undisturbed, which is why we have a membership system to give our regulars priority. Members can directly enter with their keycard and can make reservations in advance, non-members might have to wait until seats are available. In this way we maintain a slow pace and an intimate and quiet atmosphere for our customers. Dawn Room, your convenient and comfortable second home. Natural lighting The idea of minimalist light also falls in line with the philosophy and architecture of Dawn Room. The 明(ming) part from the chinese name of Dawn Room (Ming Tan) meaning “bright” expresses our concept of lighting. The interactions of light and shadows, borrowing natural light to do the design, by using ideal window proportions, cumulate in the creation of a place with unique natural atmosphere and light flow. This stunning building, is in fact built with common steel construction components. Contrary to its industrial and bland image, the galvanized steel, makes for a strong geometric minimalism from the outside and allows the interior space’s charming and gentle atmosphere. The main reason why Chen Xiaoming chose this material in his own words: “I hoped to reduce the environmental impact with the use of easily redeveloped and recyclable material.” Dawn Room is looking forward to welcome you in your second home.